Look Who Loves Restorsea

Celebrities & Beauty Experts

  • "I was ecstatic when I learned that Restorsea is natural. Over time, I saw a real difference—a kind of freshness and dewiness."

    > Gwyneth Paltrow
    Academy Award-winning actress

    Gwyneth uses: Day Cream , Eye Cream , Hand Cream .

  • "I choose to use Restorsea because it's naturally effective, and I know it will keep my skin looking its best now and for years to come."

    > Emmy Rossum

    Emmy uses: Day Cream , Eye Cream .

  • "I have been using Restorsea products for about a year now and the product is amazing!... I'm constantly getting compliments on my skin."

    > Khirma Eliazov

    Khirma uses: Day Cream , Eye Cream .

  • "The day cream and eye cream have been my go-tos and I can honestly say they are part of one of the most advanced skin care systems out there."

    > Tina Craig
    Co-founder, Bagsnob.com, Snob Essentials Media

    Tina uses: Day Cream , Eye Cream .

  • "Favorite new beauty product of 2013: Restorsea Day Cream."

    > Erin Fetherston

    Erin uses: Day Cream.

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Loyal Restorsea Customers

  • > Sonja
    Sonja uses: Cleanser ,
    Serum , Eye Cream ,
    Day Cream

    "I love Restorsea — it's the natural way to look better."
  • > Kelly
    Kelly uses: Eye Cream ,
    Day Cream .

    "My skin was amazing — it felt like it had gone through a transformation - after just four weeks!"
  • > Claira
    Claira uses: Day Cream .

    "I like the fact that it's not too oily or heavy — a nice gel/cream combination. When I woke up, my skin felt soft and supple."

  • > Amy
    Amy uses: Day Cream .

    "The texture of the cream is really nice — it doesn't sit on top of your skin…. I've had a great experience with Restorsea."

  • > Ellen
    Ellen uses: Eye Cream .

    "Within days, I really noticed a difference…. People are telling me there's something different about the way I look!"

  • "Received Restorsea package today. Trying it on. First impression - smells wonderful. More to come."

    > Agnieszka D. Agnieszka uses: Day Cream .

  • "I have been using the creams you gave me for a few weeks and my skin feels more nourished and softer. I can't believe it! Congrats again and thanks for sharing! I am now addicted!"

    > Amy S. Amy uses: Day Cream .

  • "I have been using your product for 2 weeks now, no miracle stories yet but I can say my skin is baby soft and no breakouts, which I love."

    > Carol G. Carol uses: Day Cream .

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