8 Habits to Highly Effective Skin

Effective Skin

People always ask me what is my secret to looking much younger than my 53 years. The answer is that I have practiced good skincare habits since the age of 14.

Good genes play just a minor role. Only 10% of the way our skin ages is due to genetic factors while 90% of skin aging is due to environmental factors such as stress, pollution, UV exposure and poor dietary and sleeping habits.

Please see below for my 8 Secrets to Highly Effective Skin. I always think in eight’s because in the Chinese culture, the number 8 means good luck and good fortune.

1. Avoid the sun. I am always thankful that I am Chinese and genetically programmed to not like the great outdoors.

2. Never go outside with a bare face. Always wear an SPF 30 and/or tinted moisturizer with SPF.

3. Apply moisturizer every day. We are born “juicy.” However, as we age, our skin becomes drier. A good moisturizer traps water in our skin giving it a more youthful appearance.

4. Everyone needs a good eye cream. Everyone over the age of 14 needs to use eye cream. The eye area is the thinnest area of the body. It also is subject to a lot of abuse: squinting, rubbing, etc. As a result, it is the first area to show signs of aging.

5. Never go to bed without removing your makeup. However, avoid scrubbing you skin clean as this can trick your body into thinking it is dehydrated and cause it to produce an excess of oil.

6. Don’t forget to splash at least 30 times. How you wash your face can affect your appearance. For best results, wash with warm water and a mild cleanser and splash 30 times. Try to avoid using soap which can be drying.

7. NEVER EVER smoke. Tobacco smoke contains toxins and result in: dull skin, loss of firmness and premature lines and wrinkles.

8. Find a great skincare regimen and stick to it every day, twice a day. I believe less is more and my regimen consists of cleanser, serum, facial moisturizer and eye cream.

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