We’ve been digging through our beauty archives and found a great piece on the age-betraying qualities of maturing hair published our friends at Marie Claire.

At the crux of the article is the point that, as author Didi Gluck writes, “we’re living longer, and we’re torturing our hair like never before.” Instead of harmful products and trendy procedures, Didi offers practical, helpful advice to combat this issue such as:

  • The right hair cut “can do perhaps more than anything to keep you looking your age (or younger)”
  • Increasing contrast in hair color as hair color has the chance to “make you look older or younger”
  • Replenish your hair’s health with products such as “dimethicone (a shine enhancer) and cetyl alcohol (a moisturizing ingredient)”

While the article may be a bit aged itself, hopefully these points will help reverse the clock on those locks, giving you a healthier and more youthful head of hair. 

Photo courtesy of BeautyQueen86.