From an early age, Patti was instilled with the belief that the key to living her best life would be her education. She has maintained her conviction for learning and has sought to incorporate her passion for education into Restorsea’s core values.

As such, Restorsea is thrilled to partner with Room to Read, an organization promoting gender equality in education and helping girls to develop the life skills they need to achieve success. Through various initiatives since their inception in 2000, including building libraries and publishing books, Room to Read has given the gift of education to over 8 million children worldwide.

To support Room to Read’s mission, Restorsea will donate 5% of sales from every product to the organization. Our goal is to educate 100,000 girls by 2025. What’s more? If we get there, we won’t stop.

We encourage you to visit Room to Read, and to learn more about how we are working with the organization to make a difference!