Q: Patti, is the cleanser safe for contact lens users? Non-irritating for use around the eyes? Also, is it compatible with other "anti-aging" regimens, especially regarding retinoids?

A:  The cleanser is formulated with natural ingredients, sulfate-free and free of detergents and irritants.  It is specially formulated to remove makeup, dirt and other impurities without stripping the skin’s essential oils.  It also contains the Songyi Mushroom, a natural extract that I found while traveling through Asia which is known for its natural skin whitening and brightening properties.  All Restorsea products contain our proprietary and patented enzyme. This enzyme, created by Mother Nature, is extracted from the post-hatching water of baby salmon. This enzyme consists of two parts:  a protein and an exfoliant. The protein attaches itself to dead skin cells and acts as a beacon for the exfoliant to do its work.  Once the exfoliant has finished digesting the protein it turns itself off.  This mechanism of action is different from all other exfoliants such as retinoids which work by chemically burning through layers of dead and living skin irritating the baby skin and thus causing redness, peeling, flaking, thinning skin that is sensitive to light.  In contrast, Restorsea’s enzyme only digests dead cells leaving the living cells untouched and enabling them to thrive and flourish.  This is why after 12 weeks of using twice a day (AM/PM) every day, Restorsea users experience the famed “Restorsea Glow.”



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