Q: I have a really bad surgery scar from an appendectomy. Obviously, the scar is not on my face….Can I use Restorsea products on other parts of my body that are not my face. If so, which products?

A: I would use the Body Butter which is scheduled to launch in October 2013. This product was created to address the needs of the body which are different than that of the face.  The face is actually the easiest area to heal because it contains many sebaceous glands.  The body is harder to heal because it doesn’t have many sebaceous glands.  However, we received many requests asking for a body product that provided the same benefits as the face cream.  And after years in development, we were successful and look forward to having you try it.  But remember, as with all Restorsea products, in order to see maximum results, you must use the product EVERY DAY TWICE A DAY for 12 Weeks.





Photo courtesy Getty Images