We all love massages, but you should ensure you’re getting the one you want and need! Here’s a short guide to the massages available to you!

Swedish: Chances are, if you’re getting a massage that is unspecified, it’s probably Swedish. Expect long, gentle, soothing strokes used to improve circulation.

Deep Tissue or Sports Massage: Expect a higher intensity massage than the Swedish. Used to target muscles and tendons deeply!

Myotherapy or Trigger Point Therapy: Ask for this if you have one specific area that is really tense. The therapist will use his/her thumb, knuckle, or elbow in hopes of relieving the existing tension.

Hot Stone Massage: The therapist rests or moves hot stones down your body. The heat from the stones increase blood flow to the muscles. Recommended for those times after you try a new workout.

Massages can definitely relieve stress. Just make sure you know what to ask for! Enjoy responsibly.


Photo courtesy of Getty Images.