If your beauty cabinet is like most women's, then we're sure it's full of opened and unopened jars of cream and other beauty products. But how do you know when it’s time to toss?

The most straightforward method is to look for the “open jar symbol” on the back of the jar. This indicates when a cream will be expired. Restorsea products, for example, are safe to use for up to 3 years. If there isn’t an expiration symbol, assume a shelf life of about 1 year. Of course, if anything looks or smells funky before then… discard to be safe.

How you use and store your beauty products can help maximize their shelf life. When using jars, try to avoid using your fingers and stick to using a spoon or spatula (We include one with all of our Day, Eye and Night Cream jars!).

Always store beauty products in a cool and dry place. We’ve heard that some people store their creams in the fridge to prolong their life, but we don’t necessarily recommend it. Restorsea products contain a delicate enzyme that is temperature sensitive, so it’s best not to leave them out in extreme temperatures for too long!

Photo courtesy of BoldSky.