Q: Patti, congratulations on the blog opening :). What is it like to own a skincare line? And, how do you go about starting one?

A: Wow that is a great question. So I have been doing this for 25 years. When I graduated from Harvard Business School, all I wanted to do was work in the beauty business.  My dad, a little annoyed, asked me why I couldn't be an investment banker or consultant like everyone else!

I was fortunate to take a job in skincare marketing with Avon Products. And even more fortunate to be adopted by the R&D team - they wanted to use my skin to test new ingredients. It was through this team that I was gernerously introduced to the leading dermatologists and scientists at the time, which helped me discover Glycolic Acid and create the Avon Anew line.

In terms of what's it like: I thank the universe every day for being able to find the best ingredient EVER, and being able to assemble a great team to create and launch the brand. In terms of owning your company: it's great as long as you have A LOT of passion, perseverance and resilience. People will be telling and yelling at you a lot and you need to be accepting of their feedback and create your own vision.