Face masks are a great treat for your face because of their skin firming, temperature enhancing, pore opening and metabolic rising properties – they also make for a nice change in your regiment.

While there are countless recipes for different types of masks, one particularly scrumptious-sounding option comes from our favorite former spice girl: Victoria Beckham.

As Huff Post Style reports, the mask is nothing more than a simple mix of a dab of cocoa butter and mashed up avacados. Leave the mask on for about 10 minutes, and then gently wash off. Beceause of the innate hydrating powers inside avacados, the face mask will leave you with soft, luminous skin that is almost as good as our Restorsea glow.

You may also want to have tortialla chips nearby for any leftovers. 

Photo courtesy of Follow The Fruit Fly.