Q: Patti, I notice that I get dry patches once in a while on my face. Is it okay to continue to use the day cream and eye cream? I don't want to cause anymore irritation so I've been thinking of switching to a basic lotion until the dry patches cease.  

A: I would definitely advise you to continue use of both products. The dry patches that you are noticing are actually dead skin that is sloughing off. Restorsea is unlike any other exfoliants in that all the enzyme exfoliants work by chemically burning through living and dead skin cells. As a result, this can often irritate the baby skin and causes redness, flaking, peeling, thinning skin that is sensitive to light. 

Restorsea’s proprietary and unique enzyme is composed a protein and an exfoliant. The protein attaches itself to dead skin cells and then acts as a beacon for the exfoliant to work.  Once the exfoliant has finished digesting the protein it turns itself off. 





Photo Courtesy of The Hairstyle Inc.