Did you know that most lipsticks contain lead? A recent study found that there are as many as eight types of metal in a wide range of lipstick brands, from cadmium to aluminum. These lipstick brands say that the amounts of metal in their products are still safe, but medical professionals are saying otherwise.

Some women apply lipstick up to 24 times a day. The problem is, metals tend to accumulate in the body overtime. Dr. Palfrey, Medical Director of the Lead Poisoning Prevention Program at Boston University Medical center states, “Some metals are undoubtedly absorbed through mucosal tissues in the mouth. And people do swallow lipstick, one reason that it’s so often reapplied.  Given the continued debate about how much is absorbed, everyone—including the cosmetics industry—is pushing the F.D.A. to study the issue further.”

To read more about lipstick toxicity, check out the article in The New York Times entitled Is There Danger Lurking in your Lipstick?


Photo courtesy The New York Times