A hectic lifestyle can cause added stress, which in turn can impact signs of aging. At Restorsea, I make time to relieve my stress and maintain inner harmony by visiting the Tibet House with friend and meditation instructor Naomi Edwards.

Naomi’s favorite form of meditation is a walking meditation. “As you are walking at your natural pace — obviously not a New Yorker’s pace, but as though you were on a hike or walking down a beach — you breathe a tune into the body, starting at the feet and moving the awareness to the top of the head,” shares Naomi.

But don’t think you have to sit with your legs crossed and say “oooom” to achieve the benefits of meditation. According to Naomi, “Something as simple as taking a bath, or doing a mundane task like washing the dishes can count as meditative and can have many benefits in balancing the nervous system.”

See more on our interview with Naomi here.

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Photo Courtesy of Share Twenty