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Dare To Go Bare

Friday, August 16, 2013 6:00:18 AM America/New_York

With your nails, silly! While I love nail art, it was tremendously hard on my fingers and toes. After going bare for almost six months now, my nails look rejuvenated and restored – like my face feels after using Restorsea!





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Skincare-News: A Natural Way to Ageless Beauty

Hottest Summer Nail Polishes

Monday, July 29, 2013 10:00:30 AM America/New_York

With so many summer colors to choose from, we understand if you’re a little overwhelmed. We’re here to help. Here’s a guide to the hottest summer colors.

Pale Nails: Simple, minimalist, and classic, pale polishes made a resurgence last year and continue to stun through this summer.

Gone Bad: We know dark nails are usually a winter thing, but recently fashion houses have suited their models with gorgeous charcoals and navys on the runway—we think it looks great!

Under the Sea: Deborah Lippmann released her “Mermaids” collection this spring. Colors include bright purple, pink, and green. (Sparkles included)

Dull Metallic: Butter London released a rose gold shimmer and a deep bronze this spring. Understated and beautiful, definitely must haves for the summer.

Sensitive Skin: Clinique released a collection of polishes perfect for sensitive skin. If you find yourself irritated after a mani, definitely check these polishes out.


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Skincare-News: A Natural Way to Ageless Beauty

Fun Fact Friday!

Friday, July 26, 2013 10:00:13 AM America/New_York

Women spent $768 million on nail polish in 2012…The Restorsea team may have accounted for more than a fair share of that!


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