Forgive me, but I realized I committed the biggest food-related sin.

In my post last month about The Beverly Hills Peninsula, one of my favorite hotels to stay in, I forgot to include my favorite meal to get there: a simple tuna salad sandwich.

It’s really just comfort food.

Make sure to get it toasted on whole wheat, and don’t forget to ask them for the potato chips!







Photo courtesy of Natalie’s Daily Crave

Looking for some sophisticated fun (with a dash of pretention) in LA?

Well, put your pinkies up and head over to the Beverly Hills Peninsula’s iconic The Living Room for an afternoon of time-honored English tradition.

Imagine a heaven full of classical harmony (a live harpist is playing behind you), trays of delicate scones and fresh-baked pastries and more loose-leaf teas you could ever imagine. There’s also of course champagne if tea just seems too hot for the weather.





Photo courtesy of Startle

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