Are hidden allergens in your beauty products harming your skin?

While our fragrance, White Tea, is allergen free, unfortunately, not all beauty products are. In fact, many companies don’t even list their fragrance ingredients, making it difficult for people to avoid allergen-containing products. 

Because of this, Women’s Voice has launched a new campaign entitled Secret Scents, which aims at forcing all beauty companies to “disclose fragrance ingredients in products so that people have the choice to avoid harmful chemicals.”  

Through research Women’s Voice found that:

  • 28% of the general population is sensitized to at least one kind of allergen
  • Fragrance is found in 96% of shampoos, 98% of conditions and 97% of hair styling products
  • 1/5th of fragrance allergy patients take sick leave form their work due to their condition

For more information on the Secret Scents and other allergen-related issues visit Women’s Voice

Photo courtesy of La French Attitude.