So far in our From The Pilates Studio series, we’ve been working on spine articulation and stabilization/control. Today, we’re raising the stakes a bit with Teaser Balance: an exercise that strengthens the powerhouse and works balance and stability in the body.

To practice today’s Teaser Balance:

1. Begin sitting on the mat, hold under your thighs with your hands and lift your feet off the mat.  Hold this position, focusing on your abdominals pulling in and the lift in your chest. Hold here for 3 deep breaths.

2. Repeat step 1, continue holding under your thighs and lengthen your legs out.  Continue pulling the abdominals in and lifting your chest.  Take 3 deep breaths in this position.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2, then gently release your thighs and reach your hands towards your toes. Hold this position for 3 deep breaths.

Repeat 1 to 2 sets of each progression and be sure to check back next Friday for a new exercise!