Remember The Roll Down we mastered a few weeks ago?

Well, The Roll Up series is the next set of exercises in the same progression.  Working the powerhouse, these movements will also help to stretch the hamstrings out, and articulate your spine.

To Roll Up:

1. Begin lying on the mat with your legs extended out long and squeezing tightly together.

2. Reach your arms up to the ceiling and bring your chin toward your chest, take a deep breath in.

3. Continue inhaling as you begin to articulate your spine off the mat. 

4. Reach your arms forward and continue to pull the abdominals in as you exhale and stretch over your legs.

5. Inhale and keep your abdominals in as you begin articulating the spine back down to the mat with control, the same way you began the exercise. 

6. Stretch the arms up to the ceiling and back for a stretch. Remember to keep your spine long against the mat.

*repeat sequence 3 to 5 times