Press - A Natural Way to Ageless Beauty

Yahoo! Shine!

Friday, August 9, 2013 7:58:44 AM America/New_York

Restorsea Rejuvenating Day Cream is featured on Yahoo! Shine! in an editorial titled, “Stay Hydrated! Moisturizer Picks from Bethenny and Beauty Bloggers.”


Read full article here.


A Natural Way to Ageless Beauty

TBT: Post PA Restorsea Dinner

Thursday, June 13, 2013 8:00:38 AM America/New_York

Disregard the poor photo quality (iPhones, what are you going to do?), and take a gander at this cute snapshot of our friends at Patti’s Post-Personal Appearance at Bergdorf Goodman dinner at Rogue Tomate.

We see a few familiar faces (Tina Craig, Lianne Farbes, Cosmo’s Abby Gardnier), who else can you spot?



Press - A Natural Way to Ageless Beauty


Tuesday, June 4, 2013 12:34:53 PM America/New_York

Lianne Farbes, one of our favorite beauty bloggers, listed our Restoring Night Cream as one of her "5 Things [She] Can't Live Without" for the Washingtonian

Lianne says, “Now that I am closer to 50, I need an anti-aging powerhouse that will help keep my skin looking fresh. This one uses something called Vibransea Complex that will give you the anti-aging benefits of glycolic acid without any of the side effects or irritation. I love how my skin looks in the morning, people tell me my skin looks great, and nobody ever believes I am 46.”

Press - A Natural Way to Ageless Beauty

The Makeup Girl

Monday, May 20, 2013 8:53:56 AM America/New_York

The lovely Lianne Farbes from The Makeup Girl posted a glowing (no put intended) review of our Restoring Night Cream

In her words:

"Restorsea  for 7 weeks now, and I have to tell you I have never received more compliments on my skin in my life.  It feels strong (not thinned out like it can get after glycolic acid treatments), feels smooth AND people have been telling me that my skin looks RADIANT (who uses that word anymore??). People also don’t believe my age (I just turned 46) so that’s an AWESOME and a side effect I never thought I would be excited to share. EVER."

Read the full interview here

Last week Restorsea took over Bergdorf Goodman’s Beauty Level in a stampede of beauty, cocktails and skincare education. 

Co-hosted by our dear friends Kelley Lilien (Mrs. Lilien), Kristin Ess (The Beauty Departmentand Tina Craig and Kelly Cook (Snob Essentials), Patti’s appearance was a great way to introduce Restorsea's new, full line to the world (the macaroons didn't hurt either!).

Patti, Joanne and the rest of the Restorsea team were on deck to answer questions, welcome old friends ( Aliza Licht, Keren Craig, Cannon Hodge, etc) and new, and help celebrate just how far we've come in such a little time.  

See the photos and some familiar faces below! 

Photos courtesy of Joy Jacobs.

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