A few weeks ago, we had our first fireside Twitter Chat, hosted by Harvard Business School! For those who missed the chat, you can catch an archive at Storify.

Some key highlights below…

@HBSAlumni: Why did you start @Restorsea?
@pattipao1: Found the best ingredient since I discovered glyolic acid 25 years ago #hbsalumchat

@HBSAlumni: What have you enjoyed most about starting the company? 
@pattipao1: Realization of 25+ year journey. My biz partner calls me the Samurai Warrior

@HBSAlumni: what motivated you to take the "leap" into #Startup life? Was it something beyond finding the "best ingredient?”
@pattipao1: it was by accident. Hiking thru Norway, found ingredient, developed product, sold-in to @bergdorfs

@HBSAlumni: What do you know NOW that you wish you knew THEN about #StartupLife?
@pattipao1: NEVER assume your customer knows how to use your product

@HBSAlumni: What advice would you give students, alumni thinking of starting their own companies?
@pattipao1: Pursue something you have done 112X... Need to be extremely resilient and flexible

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A Natural Way to Ageless Beauty

TBT: HBS Alumni Reunion

Thursday, June 20, 2013 1:00:48 PM America/New_York

If you weren't already aware, Harvard Business School is a key character in the Restorsea Story.

Not only is Patti Pao, our Founder/CEO, an alumnus of HBS, but her 3 initial investors were as well! Needless to say HBS played a critical role in getting Restorsea started. Thus it was a no-brainer to donate 600 samples of our Mini Day Cream to the Patti’s HBS Alumni Reunion. It was truly a labor of love, as Patti and her team hand assembled each sample set. We hope the HBS Alumni enjoyed the samples!

P.S. Speaking of HBS, we hope you enjoyed Patti’s Twitter Fireside Chat on Tuesday via #HBSalumchat.

Ask Patti - A Natural Way to Ageless Beauty

Getting Started

Tuesday, May 28, 2013 5:13:18 PM America/New_York

Q: Patti, how did you go from Harvard Business School to Skincare?

A: I’ve always lived by the advice my dad once gave me early in my career:  

Don’t take a job for prestige and/or money. Always pursue your passion. 

Of course, this came much to his chagrin when, after graduating from Harvard Business School, I took a job in the beauty business. “Why can’t you be an investment banker or consultant like everyone else?” he wondered… I was always drawn to beauty and luxury goods, I just had to get my MBA to do it right.



Photo courtesy of HBS.

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