Q: The Day Cream just isn’t for me. Will I still see results if I use the Serum, then apply a day cream from another brand?

A: I think you will get results using the Serum. This is because the Serum is our most potent product, containing twice the amount of our proprietary enzyme, Aquabeautine XL®.  In addition, the Serum contains Songyi Mushroom extract, a natural bio-extract which is known throughout Asia for its whitening and brightening properties.





Ask Patti - A Natural Way to Ageless Beauty

Do I need additional exfoliation?

Friday, March 7, 2014 7:00:31 AM America/New_York

Q: Should I still be using a gentle exfoliator?

A: You do not need to use any exfoliator.  This is because Restorsea’s proprietary and patented enzyme, Aquabeautine XL®, is a gentle exfoliator. Note, however, that it only exfoliates dead skin, leaving living skin cells untouched.  Mother Nature is amazing in that it created this enzyme in order for the baby salmon to get out of its egg shell.  Unlike a chicken that can physically peck its way out of its egg shell, a baby salmon needs assistance, as its egg shell is very tough.  As a result, when it is ready to be born, it releases an enzyme which dissolves its egg shell (dead skin) enabling it to swim away unharmed.  When this enzyme is applied to human skin, it similarly dissolves only the dead skin cells.  The result is constant exfoliation without the side effects of traditional exfoliants, which work by burning through both living and dead skin cells resulting in thinning, red skin that is sensitive to light.



Ask Patti - A Natural Way to Ageless Beauty

Restorsea’s Ingredients: Tell Me More!

Friday, February 7, 2014 7:00:40 AM America/New_York

Q: Can you tell me more about Restorsea’s ingredients?

A: Restorsea prides itself in containing only naturally derived ingredients. While we are not organic, we do not contain synthetic ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, PEGs, or mineral oil.

Our proprietary complex, Vibransea™, is anchored by Aquabeautine XL®, a natural enzyme discovered in the pure fjords of Western Norway in one of Norway’s leading salmon hatcheries. Essentially, when baby salmon are born, they release an enzyme in order to get out of their shell. This enzyme has two components: a protein and an exfoliant. The protein attaches itself to a specific area of the egg shell and the exfoliant dissolves the area marked by the protein. When it has finished, the enzyme turns itself off. This enables the baby salmon to exit from the opening carved by the enzyme and swim away unharmed.

We obtain the enzyme by collecting the water (we never touch the baby salmon), and filter for the enzyme. When applied to the skin, the enzyme dissolves only the dead skin cells and when finished, turns itself off. This allows the living skin cells to flourish and thrive.

In addition to the natural enzyme, the Vibransea™ complex also contains brown algae to improve your skin elasticity and Vitamin C which works as a natural skin brightener, reducing the appearance of age spots.

It goes without saying that all of our preservative systems are natural. For example, our Day Cream uses a honeysuckle preservative system (containing anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and calming properties) and our Night Cream is formulated with a unique olive oil emulsion system. We make it a priority to be innovative with our natural ingredients. Our Cleanser contains the Songyi Mushroom extract, a natural skin brightening agent and our Eye Cream contains hesperidin which is derived from citrus fruits (it’s known to stimulate blood circulation which is helpful if you have dark circles.)

Love our fragrance? It’s natural, too - an allergen-free white tea.



Q: Can I use Restorsea products along with the other skincare products I already use?

A: I would not pair Restorsea products with other exfoliants such as AHAs.  AHAs (including glycolic acid) work by chemically burning through layers of living and dead skin cells; when they reach the newborn skin, they cause irritation. This is why users experience redness, flaking and thinning skin that is sensitive to light. In contrast, Restorsea's proprietary enzyme dissolves only dead skin cells, allowing the living skin cells to thrive and flourish.  This is why Restorsea users can obtain the same results as harsher exfoliants without the side effects. 

I believe you can use Restorsea with products containing hyaluronic acid.  Hyaluronic acid works by pulling excess moisture from the air into your skin.  It is a great product and used as a humectant in most skincare products.  Restorsea does not use it because it is not natural, as it is a chemically formulated molecule. 




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Newsletter 10-14-13

Tuesday, October 15, 2013 8:00:26 AM America/New_York

restørsea cur{r}ent

The Science Behind Restorsea

Powerful - Pure - ProvenRestorsea products are unique in that they all contain our proprietary Vibransea™ complex which is comprised of three essential ingredients that provide all the same benefits of glycolic acid without the side effects such as redness, peeling, itching, sensitivity to light, and thinning skin.

Baby salmon hatchingOur Vibransea™ complex contains: Aquabeautine XL®, vitamin C and brown algae. Aquabeautine XL® is our exclusive, patented natural enzyme, which is released during the baby salmon hatching process. It naturally exfoliates, hydrates and strengthens your skin without harming any healthy skin. Vitamin C works as a natural skin brightener, reducing the appearance of age spots, while brown algae improves your skin elasticity and moisture while reducing inflammation.

Every product is formulated with ingredients found in nature and is free of potentially harmful ingredients such as phthalates, PEGs and mineral oil. All products are also subjected to rigorous third party testing under the supervision of a dermatologist. To put it simply—this is why we are better.

Before & AfterAnd it works. People using Restorsea, TWICE a day, EVERY DAY for 12 weeks see the Restorsea Glow: skin looks more even, firmer, and radiant without side effects such as redness, flakiness, thinning skin and sensitivity to light. Our products are clinically proven to hydrate, brighten and strengthen skin, as well as reduce the appearance of age spots, increase elasticity and reduce inflammation.


Restorsea Travel Size Day CreamWEEKLY WINNER

The Weekly Winner is Lori S. from San Francisco, CA. She has won a Deluxe Travel Size Day Cream!

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