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Stress Effects on Beauty

Monday, August 26, 2013 10:00:32 AM America/New_York

In today’s chaotic lifestyle, stress can take its toll. With the ability to manifest into other bad habits, stress can even cause breakouts, lines and wrinkles. Although stress is inevitable, there are solutions to remedy these negative effects and help eliminate added nuisances to your daily beauty regimen.

1.    Hydration: Along with facial expressions causing those dreadful “frown lines,” stress can also cause dryness and dehydration, which are the leading causes of lines and wrinkles. Moisturize your skin! Try products with intense hydrating formulas, like our Restoring Night Cream or our Recharging Finishing Mist to maintain that fresh, radiant glow.

2.    Avoid Unhealthy Eating Habits: Stress can be a trigger for unhealthy habits such as comfort eating, which in turn can lead to increased breakouts. Maintain a healthy regimen and try to exercise at least 3 times a week. A quick walk in the park could relieve tension and help clear your mind, while sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

3.    Sleep: Get more than 6 hours of sleep each night. Lack of sleep will directly impact the appearance of skin, resulting in the look of dullness and fatigue.

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As Restorsea friend April Long, Beauty Director of Elle, wrote in The Science of Sleep, “Chronic sleep deprivation-defined as getting fewer than six hours a night-has been linked to obesity, cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, lowered immunity and neurological problems. Our time between the sheet sheets is when our cells divide and repair, memories are consolidated, and growth hormones are released.”

Now, goodnight!





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Going to sleep with an empty stomach can cause emotional stress, nightmares, and, well just isn’t very pleasant. Nourish your body with a hardy meal to end the day – just make sure you’re leaving enough time for digestion.



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