Did you know that horizontal lines and wrinkles on the neck can be removed using a simple routine of neck exercises? Make the following stretches a daily routine to keep your neck looking youthful and resilient.

Neck Pinches: Using your thumb and any other finger, pinch your skin gently. Pull the skin downward as you lift the neck and throat against the force you create by forcing the skin downward. 10 pulls and pinches a day are recommended.

Chewing: Chewing will help you work-out your neck muscles, along with your jaw. Sit upright and tilt your head back. Close your lips (and keep them that way). Start making chewing motions with your mouth. After about 10 minutes, you will begin to feel the burn. Rest, and repeat for 10 more reps. Add more reps each day, until you advance to 50.

Kissing the Sky: To execute this exercise, tilt your head back and then close both your eyes and lips. Breathe in deeply, pucker the lips, and stretch your neck simultaneously as if you were kissing the sky. Hold there for about 10 seconds. Let the stretch go by lowering the chin and looking straight ahead. For best results, perform 5 reps in a row and two sets before and after bed.

For more information and a how-to video, visit BeautyTot’s article on neck wrinkles here.

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Photo courtesy AvMed