While luxury spas have been utilizing seaweed in their services for years, only recently has this bizarre ingredient been discovered in skin, hair and beauty products (including Restorsea products!) Here is a short break-down of the different types of seaweed and their properties beneficial for complexion and hair.

Brown seaweed: Brown seaweed is found in products that advertise cleansing and cellulite controlling properties. Restorsea Rejuvenating Day Cream contains brown algae that helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, improve skin clarity, tone and elasticity.

Red seaweed gel extract: This gel is commonly used as a binder in creams, beauty products and even shampoo.

Green seaweed: Green seaweed is said to boost collagen production and elastin.

If you’re looking for more beauty products containing seaweed, look for the following ingredients:

Algae extract, algin, alginate or alginic acid; carrageenan, fucogel, macroalgae, marine collagen, micronized algae, photosomes, phytelene complex, RMA (red marine algae) and sea mineral complex.

Photo courtesy SimpleClimate