Q: Patti, I’m a little confused about your salmon story. How does the discovery affect my skin?        

A: Restorsea’s products are based off a natural enzyme that I first discovered while hiking through Western Norway, on a tour of the country’s largest salmon hatchery.

I noticed that the factory workers’ hands, which were submerged in water all day, appeared as if they were in their 20’s, while their faces looked more like their actual ages of 40+ years.

When baby salmon are born, they release an enzyme which dissolves the egg shell without harming them. The enzyme then automatically turns itself off, enabling the baby salmon to swim away unharmed. The workers’ regular exposure to this enzyme is what made their skin look much younger.

Powering our products, this is unique because, unlike other enzymes, the Restorsea enzyme only digests dead skin cells, allowing the living skin cells to flourish. And when it is finished digesting the dead skin cells, it turns itself off. This is why Restorsea is able to offer the same effects as glycolic acid, but without the side effects.

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