Retin-A is a topical (meaning it is applied to the skin) form of Vitamin A that helps the skin renew itself. Retin-A is used to treat acne but can make skin significantly more susceptible to sunburn and sensitivite to light. Retin-A is a very sensitive medication. It must be applied every couple of hours after washing and completely drying the face and left on for one hour. Many of the side effects of Retin-A ironically irritate the skin.

Restorsea products moisturize and exfoliate the skin, leaving complexions lighter and more even year-round. Restorsea helps quell breakouts from the get-go, making acne a thing of the past. It has been clinically proven to reduce the intensity of wrinkles and the eye cream lessens the look of exhaustion and dark circles. Best of all, Restorsea products work effectively without the side effects of Retin-A which include, redness and peeling.



Photo courtesy of Retin A