Q: If I put sunscreen over the Restorsea product, will that kill the enzyme in the same way it did when you put sunscreen into the cream? I’m sorry to be stuck on my sunscreen! My dermatologist has beat into my head that I need to wear it and so now I’m curious.  

A: Two separate thoughts.  We “killed” the enzyme with the SPF because we used zinc oxide which emitted an electrical charge which killed the enzyme (ARGH!).  We then coated the zinc oxide so that its charge was contained.  Now the zinc oxide lives very harmoniously with our enzyme in the Rejuvenating Day Lotion SPF 30.

The second piece is YES. YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST WEAR SUNSCREEN EVERY DAY to avoid getting skin cancer and secondarily to reduce the appearance of aging.  It is preferable that you wear a sunscreen with an SPF 30 and that provides broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) protection.





Photo courtesy Getty Images