Q: Patti, I love my Day and Eye Cream! I want to purchase something for my husband – do you have a men’s line?

A: We currently don’t have a specific line for men (although we’re working on coming out with one very soon!), but, if you can keep a secret, many of our female customers have told us that their own products have worked quite wonderfully on their male counterparts’ skin.

"I've been using it for a month now. I went out to dinner with [my wife’s] best friend. She leans over tonight and says, "Jeff, did you get a facelift or something?" I am only 4 weeks into the program, but early results are encouraging!" – Jeffrey, Greenwich, CT

“My wife used the sample. And noticed the results. However, I think your Restorsea may be the root cause of a PR disaster for unwitting husbands/partners at some point. At dinner one night, a friend suggested that I was a “cradle robber.” My wife is younger than I am but not THAT much younger. I think it’s time for you to develop a new product called Restormen.” –Josh H., Portland, OR 

"Well first of all I must say that we are impressed both my wife and myself. We think this product is the absolute best we’ve tried over the years.” –Tom K.-P., Strømmen, Norway

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Photo courtesy of Endless Beauty.