I have been pleasantly surprised to receive fan mail from younger women (e.g. ages 24-32) saying that Restorsea has helped diminish the appearance of their acne scars and/or controlled their breakouts. They all start out with the theme “ I know that Restorsea was formulated for old people but…” A typical example is as follows: “I am 24 years old and have been using Restorsea.  I feel incomplete, even naked when I forget to apply the day cream in the morning.  Restorsea prepares me for a long day ahead.  The aroma refreshes and invigorates me.  I have a lot of acne scars from high school and I have noticed a big difference in the severity of size and color of the scars.   I found that I can use much less cover-up now which is making me more confident in my own skin.  These products are obviously not just for wrinkles. I’m hooked!”  Ariana P, Brooklyn, NY XOX Patti