Re-create the spa at home with some DIY treatments:

1.    Deep-condition your hair with coconut oil. You can leave it in overnight if you are pressed for time during the day. This treatment will provide your hair with intense and fortifying hydration, leaving it with a radiant shine.

2.    Exfoliate with a DIY body scrub. Mix all ingredients together, apply to dry skin and rinse with warm water.

3.    Turn your shower into a sauna. Let your shower run at its hottest temperature for 15-20 minutes, spray a washcloth with your favorite relaxing oil, and let it soak in the steam. Once you are ready, lay the washcloth over your face and relax. This is a great way to wind down right before bed.

4.    Draw a bath after a long day. Gather your favorite scented candles and most relaxing music and let yourself unwind.


Photo courtesy Pure Vida Spa