Q: Once started, does one need to continue using Restorsea for life?

A: Yes. We found that when you stop using Restorsea, your skin returns to its original condition. I heard this so many times from customers that went "cold turkey" and stopped using Restorsea. After two weeks, their rosacea returned.

The reason is because our proprietary enzyme, Aquabeautine XL® only dissolves dead skin cells allowing living cells to flourish and thrive.  This is different from ALL other exfoliants (physical and chemical) including glycolic acid which work by chemically burning through layers of living and dead skin cells. This chemical burning process is why users experience side effects such as red, flaky, peeling, thinning skin that is sensitive to light.  In contrast, Restorsea's enzyme provides constant exfoliation of only the dead skin cells.  When you stop using Restorsea, the exfoliation process ceases and the dead skin cell wall is allowed to build up again.





Photo courtesy Mirror.co.uk