Racked recently conducted an interview with Of a Kind founders Erica Cerulo and Claire Mazur.  We love Racked and we love Of a Kind.  So we were thrilled to read Claire's response to the question: Favorite new beauty product or beauty collaboration of 2012? Erica: I probably shouldn't have such strong feelings about a deodorant, but! Too bad. Soapwalla is amazing. I'm scared of antiperspirants (aluminum, cancer, etc.), and this stuff is actually the only thing the works. You have to put it on like a lotion, but you totally get used to it. Claire:Restorsea eye and face cream. It has a natural enzyme that is released during Norwegian baby salmon hatching. Insane, right? Check out the full interview on Racked here: http://racked.com/archives/2012/12/26/of-a-kind-interview.php