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Kristin EssKristin Ess is the cofounder of TheBeauty, which offers tutorials on hair, makeup, skincare and nail-art as well as advice straight from industry experts. As a dedicated Restorsea fan, Kristin divides her time between her private hair studio, which opened in 2011, styling her celebrity clients, and creating hair & nail tutorials for the website.

Tell us why you want Kristin Ess to Restore your hair.Don’t miss your chance to win a makeover with the beauty expert herself, where she’ll restore your hair at her private studio in Los Angeles!  Make sure to visit the sweepstake entry page and provide the requested information to enter the giveaway.

Kristin gushes about our Restorsea Rejuvenating Day Cream stating, “I originally got the starter kit and from there was hooked. I have never been super thorough about exfoliating, so luckily the day cream handles that for me.”

To top off her beauty regimen, Kristin makes sure to apply our Rejuvenating Day Lotion SPF 30.

“I'm so fair and I need a good SPF,” says Kristin. “I'm hesitant to use any other brand because they don't have the enzyme in Restorsea. I try to layer that enzyme as much as possible!” To learn more about Kristin, check out our exclusive interview on the Restorsea blog.

With 53,000+ followers on Instagram, Kristin Ess has also managed to master the art of social media and connecting with the virtual world. Along with pictures of art, nature and, of course, hair and nails, Kristin mentions Restorsea in a recent Instagram post stating, “When that big box of stuff you ordered shows up it's a good day.”

Join Kristin Ess and Restorsea Founder/CEO Patti Pao on Facebook for our #BeautyChat on August 19th at 4:30PM PT. We’ll be on hand to answer all of your beauty & skincare questions!


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The Weekly Winner is Jacquelyn K. from Northbrook, IL. She has won the Reviving Cleanser.

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