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Pregnancy and Restorsea Products

ClairaRestorsea uses only naturally derived ingredients (No PEGs, parabens or phthalates), which means it can be used safely during and after pregnancy. We do our best to help you get baby-soft skin while pregnant, without harming you or your baby.

PregnancyClaira is a 38 year old PR and Financial Consultant from New York City who first started the Restorsea regimen when she was 4 months pregnant. Claira gushes, “I have used Restorsea's Day Cream for 9 months and LOVE it. I started using it when I was pregnant, as it was important to me to use a natural product that would be safe during pregnancy.” Be sure to watch her glowing video testimonial.

Mrs. Lilien Pregnancy Beauty RoutineKelley Lilien, a graphic designer and creative guru behind named Restorsea her “go-to” skincare line during pregnancy. She writes, “I'm certain you've all heard of the ‘pregnancy glow’ doesn't happen to every one I'll have you know! Some of us have to fight, kick + scratch just to look presentable, and yes (!) those of you planning on babies should be very skeptical!! I found my solution in a line called Restorsea." 

Restorsea also helps with those pesky and inevitable stretch marks that appear during pregnancy. Our Founder/CEO Patti Pao suggests, “Keeping stretch marks well-hydrated by applying our Body Butter (launching in October 2013) or our Rejuvenating Day Cream to the affected areas, as our proprietary and patented active ingredient Aquabeautine XL® works by dissolving only the dead skin cells (e.g. scar tissue), leaving the living cells to thrive and flourish.”


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