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Dan CastoIn case you missed our blog post last week—we thought you’d like to know more about the man behind the plan for our beautiful 641 Lexington Avenue office:  Dan Casto.  He hails from Massachusetts and attended Parsons for Interior Design.

feng shui styleCasto enjoyed the challenge of blending the Restorsea Brand with Patti’s personal style, all while following Mr. Siu’s Feng Shui requirements.

“The elements in the space are so personal to Patti — she gave many of her furniture pieces (Versace chairs in the conference room, her office, and of course the large settee in the reception area, for example).  The pieces had original materials that weren’t really suitable for an office environment — so we took some high tech fabrics in Restorsea colors and reused these pieces.  The combination of Patti’s belongings and the Restorsea branding fused together beautifully in the space,” said Casto.

Restorsea creamsSince everything in our office matches our product packaging, Dan Casto played a key role in building our brand.  He is also an avid user of the classic combination of the Rejuvenating Day Cream and the Revitalizing Eye Cream.

Casto raves about his experience with the Starter Kit stating that, “Besides the reduction of wrinkles, which is really great, I find that my skin feels and looks much smoother toned overall. I had used creams only intermittently before, thinking they really couldn’t make a difference — so I am really happy with the results.”

Follow in Dan Casto’s footsteps and buy the Starter Kit TODAY for only $150 (a $235 value) by using the promo code STARTKIT. For a limited time only.


Sample PackettesOur Weekly Winner is Teresa M. from House Springs, Minnesota.  She has won a set of all 5 sample packettes!

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