I often receive emails inquiring why Restorsea has fragrance in its products. Fragrance is necessary to mask the base odor.

And while I completely understand that some fragrances can be allergenic, Restorsea’s fragrance is not. 

As my team can attest, I am allergic to everything and have extremely reactive skin.

This is why all Restorsea products are hypoallergenic and tested on a wide range of skin types including sensitive skin. The reason is because our fragrance is an allergen-free white tea. This means that we take the white tea essential oil and remove all the allergens.

Note that most skincare products are formulated with fragrance. Most of the products labeled “fragrance-free” use fragrances that are labeled as masking agents, which is why they don’t have to declare them as fragrances in their ingredient labeling.

Please let me know if you have questions or comments at pattipao@restorsea.com