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Patti PaoPersonal Complimentary Skincare Consultation with Restorsea Founder/CEO Patti Pao
Have more questions about your skin? Restorsea is offering one-on-one complimentary skincare consultations with Patti Pao, the Founder/CEO of Restorsea. With over 25 years of experience and over 400 product launches under her belt, Patti Pao has seen a lot! E-mail us at to sign up.

rosaceaRosacea and Acne and Eczema, Oh My!
In our third party independent clinical study, 70% of participants reported more even skin tone after 12 weeks of use. We have even heard anecdotally from many of our customers that Restorsea has been able to help with their rosacea, acne, and eczema! Restorsea user, Julie, said:

"I gave the Restorsea cream to my friend to try. After day 2 (3 applications) she asked me if it's possible that it works on rosacea. She said she woke up that morning and noticed her rosacea had significantly and unexpectedly diminished.”

We're not surprised. In our clinical testing, 70% of women reported more even skin tone after 12 weeks of use. Read more about how Restorsea has helped with acne and eczema.

Quinoa RecipeA Little Something Extra from Patti:
A Healthy Snack for Your Skin

Patti’s Quinoa Recipe
Quinoa is not just delicious, it’s also a really healthy addition to snacks and meals! This tiny seed provides all nine essential amino acids, contains twice the fiber and calcium of most grains, and is a fantastic source of protein (which helps you build new collagen and elastin). In other words, it’s great for your skin! Get Patti’s tasty quinoa recipe here.

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