One of the easiest ways to improve your skin is to reduce or eliminate your alcoholic beverage intake. Here’s why: 

First, drinking, which is classified as two drinks per day, dehydrates the body. This shows up on your face as dry, dehydrated skin. According to New York nutritionist Jairo Rodriguez, “Studies show that if you look at a woman who has been drinking for 20 or 30 years, and a woman the same age who hasn’t at all, we see a massive difference in the skin—more wrinkles in the drinker, which can make you look 10 years older.”  The photo shows an image by the Drinking Mirror app. This app allows users to upload or take a photo of themselves, enter their weekly alcohol consumption habits, and see what they could look like in ten years.

Second, alcohol causes inflammation.  This can make rosacea look worse and, unfortunately, with continued drinking it can become prominently permanent.

Third, alcohol deprives the body of vital nutrients. It strips your body of Vitamin A, which is essential for cell renewal and turnover, so your skin could take on a dull gray appearance. The good news is that skin is an organ, which has the ability to regenerate. So, if you stop drinking, you will give your skin the ability to repair itself.