Q: What new Restorsea products can we expect in the future?

A: Our new product schedule is as follows: By popular demand, we will be launching our Retexturizing Body Butter in October. Customers wanted to see the same results on their body as they saw using our Rejuvenating Day Cream on their face. The issue is that creating change on the body is MUCH more difficult than on the face due to the fact that the body has no oil glands. The Body Butter is quite amazing as you will feel smoother and softer skin instantly and see a more even skin tone in about three weeks. In March 2014, we will be launching our Rebalancing Masque, which rebalances the skin by infusing it with minerals and electrolytes. Everyone who has tried the lab samples are raving about it. To top it off, in May 2014, we will be launching our Revitalizing Scalp Treatment. We are born with 100,000 hair follicles. When we are 70, we only have approximately 70,000 follicles. This is due to the fact that as we age, the hair follicle becomes clogged and ultimately dies. The Revitalizing Scalp Treatment dissolves the dead skin cells and debris clogging the follicles thereby keeping them open and healthy. The result is thicker and healthier looking hair. My hair, oddly enough, got a lot longer too...




Photo courtesy Balanced Care