Patti was traveling through Asia and met a Singaporean-based ingredient supplier. She told him that she was looking for a natural and safe ingredient that provided the same benefits of Hydroquinone and Rhododenol. He sent Patti the Songyi Mushroom extract which is used in Asia as a natural and safe skin lightener. In fact, it is the active ingredient in India’s best-selling skin lightening bar soap. We put the ingredient in high dosage in our Reviving Cleanser and Renormalizing Serum.

Below is a list of benefits of the Songyi Mushroom provided by

  • The Songyi mushroom extract is used in skincare products to promote new cell growth and helps rejuvenate your skin.
  • It is also very mild and causes no irritation to the skin which makes it one amongst the natural and an alternative ingredient in skin-whitening products compared to other harsh ingredients such as hydroquinone.
  • After several uses, it is believed to soften your skin which results into a clearer and brighter skin tone.

Watch your dark spots fade away without all the side effects of Rhododenol and Hydroquinone!


Photo courtesy Formulator Sample Shop