How is the Restorsea team unlike any other? We have a team of four mascots cheering us on. Three cats and one bird make up a squad that we like to call “The Herd and The Bird.” Not only is each mascot a constant source of entertainment in the office, but each also has his/her own unique personality that helps to create Restorsea’s unique office environment. Meet our mascots after the jump. The Herd: Simon, Luna, and Max. The trifecta if you will. [gallery] Simon is the oldest of the trio. Besides food, there is nothing he loves more than sitting in Laurie's chair when she needs it. He's part-Siamese, and thus meows loudly whenever he wants something or wants to say hi. Before Patti adopted Luna and Max, Simon had always been the baby of the apartment, and he is now quite reluctant to let that title go. Luna is the only girl. Patti found Luna while on a trip in Florida, where Luna had been abandoned by her original owners. Luna's much happier now that Patti's brought her back to New York, although she's still the most skittish of the three. Luna loves spending time with Laurie, and even has her own glass to drink from in front of Laurie's desk. Despite Simon's wishes, Max is the baby of the group. Max is originally from Houston, where Patti adopted him from a foster home. He has no shame, and delights in putting himself directly in front of people's faces. He enjoys being the center of attention wherever he is. The Bird: Woody Cutrone. The legend himself. Woody's original owner was Ronnie Cutrone, a protege who used Woody as inspiration for his Woody Woodpecker paintings. Despite the fact that his cage is now much larger, Woody always seems somewhat distraught by the fact that he now lives with a bunch of dorks. Woody's favorite person in the office (besides Patti) is Stephanie; he starts chirping loudly whenever she comes in and doesn't stop until she leaves.