Many a time before Restorsea, when I owned my own consulting business, I found myself in California driving down the peaceful PCH through the very scenic Manhattan Beach. I can still smell the salty winds today.

Now, it is my dream to one day return west and own a home on a ‘walk street’ – that’s LA talk for a house that’s walk-able to the beach.

Just imagine it: waking up to grab a coffee from Peet’s (and, gasp, a bagel from Einstein’s) and then being able to walk down hill to the pier. To the left, you’ll see dozens of volley ball nets/games and to the right, feast your eyes on the triathletes emerging from the surf. 

And it’s just 15 minutes from LAX, so if a home ends up being too much of a commitment, maybe I’ll just test it out for the weekend.




Photo courtesy of Keith Kyle Homes