Restorsea: How did you get into meditation?

Naomi: I was lucky that in the very beginning of my yoga practice 12 years ago, the studio I was going to offered classes that always included meditation at the end, as well as full meditation classes. At the time, I was more interested in the physical aspect of yoga so I didn't appreciate what a special experience it was to have meditation included in the class.

My journey with meditation went even deeper while I was India last summer. Deeper in the sense that I was away from all of my everyday surroundings and distractions. I was staying in the mountains of Coonor and meditating everyday surrounded by fields of Darjeeling tea, which definitely made it easier to tune in. The real challenge is to find that deeper place where ever you are. I too am still practicing with this.

R: How long have you been a meditation instructor?

N: I've been sharing meditation for 5 years.

R: What are the benefits of meditation?

N: In my experience I feel like meditation finds you. Either your body or your mind is saying, “Hey I need you to calm down and ssshush for just a moment.” We often don't listen to that radar but we somehow find a way to do something meditative when this happens. Something as simple as taking a bath, or doing a mundane task like washing the dishes can count as meditative and can have many benefits in balancing the nervous system.

Meditation also brings us back to a harmonious state, connecting the mind, body, and breath to a peaceful place. Balancing our nervous system, most find themselves in the sympathetic our state of flight or fight mode and the parasympathetic system that restores the body is completely turned off.  

R: How did you meet Patti?

N: I had the pleasure of meeting Patti when I was working for Zero + Maria Cornejo. I assisted her at the shop in the West Village. At the time I was at the crossroads of taking the leap of leaving the cushy job to pursue my passion in teaching yoga and meditation. We stayed in touch and I'm currently teaching her meditation.

R: What is your favorite form of meditation?

N: A walking meditation. It can be so powerful. As you are walking at your natural pace (obviously not a New Yorker’s pace), but as though you were on a hike or walking down a beach, you breathe a tune into the body, starting at the feet and moving the awareness to the top of the head.