Q: Can I use Restorsea products along with the other skincare products I already use?

A: I would not pair Restorsea products with other exfoliants such as AHAs.  AHAs (including glycolic acid) work by chemically burning through layers of living and dead skin cells; when they reach the newborn skin, they cause irritation. This is why users experience redness, flaking and thinning skin that is sensitive to light. In contrast, Restorsea's proprietary enzyme dissolves only dead skin cells, allowing the living skin cells to thrive and flourish.  This is why Restorsea users can obtain the same results as harsher exfoliants without the side effects. 

I believe you can use Restorsea with products containing hyaluronic acid.  Hyaluronic acid works by pulling excess moisture from the air into your skin.  It is a great product and used as a humectant in most skincare products.  Restorsea does not use it because it is not natural, as it is a chemically formulated molecule. 




Photo courtesy of Jennifer Boggs/Amy Paliwoda