We all like to chill in the summer, especially with our makeup. But for those extra special nights, we all love to have extra special eyes. Here are a couple tips to make sure your beautiful eyes don’t get lost in the crowd.

Black/Dark Brown Eyes: Start with your eyeliner. Usually, we like to use a liner that matches or coordinates with our eyes. For a more natural look, use a soft black or charcoal grey liner, but if you want to go for the full effect, try a deep plum color or a striking navy blue. Next, put on your shadow. Try soft browns, charcoals, and deep plum. Complete your look with either soft or deep black mascara.

Brown/Light Brown Eyes: Use a brown/navy/charcoal/or very soft black as your liner.  Brown eyes allow for a range of looks, take advantage of the versatility. We recommend warm browns and taupe to create the illusion of warmth. For an edgier look, we recommend experimenting with navy, olive green, and glimmering caramels. Opt for brown mascara for a flawless summer look.

Green Eyes: Although the rules of the color wheel suggest that those lucky few beauties with green eyes use red shadows, I prefer a simpler look for summer. Let your green eyes speak for themselves! Instead, we recommend warm browns or bronze to really make your eyes pop. For a fun summer look, try purple eyeliner with blended purple and taupe shadow. Finish the look with brown mascara.

Blue Eyes: For a really gorgeous summer look, start with navy or royal blue eyeliner. Pick shadows that will highlight your blue eyes, such as greys and silvers. Finish the look with blue mascara for a really gorgeous effect.

To really open up your eyes and make them pop, take a white eyeliner pencil to the inside rim of your lower eyelid. It really opens the eye up!



Photo courtesy of Getty Images