Think twice about what you’re grabbing to lather up with. We love loofahs – they’re soft, sudsy and make our morning showers feel more luxurious. Dermatologists tell us, though, that we may be making a skincare mistake each time we wash.

We shower often, which means our loofahs, stored in our showers, rarely dry completely. The warm, wet environment in the nooks and crannies of our loofahs invite bacteria and mildew to grow. Many loofahs are also slightly abrasive so that they gently exfoliate (which we love!), but this means we’re scrubbing that bacteria right into our skin. Rubbing that loofah over any (unavoidable) shaving cuts or scratches only adds insult to injury.

Don’t go throwing out your loofah just yet; there are some steps you can take to keep it in your routine:

1)      Opt for a shower sponge made of natural substances rather than synthetic ones.

2)      Soak your loofah in bleach on a regular basis to kill any lingering germs.

3)      Replace your loofah every three to four weeks, and

4)      If we’ve thoroughly freaked you out, you can always reach for an old-fashioned bar of soap!

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Photo courtesy of Maria Teijeiro