Q: I’m 35yrs old, mom of 2 kids. I’m a pure vegetarian and I don't drink alcohol. (Sometimes a cup of tea)  I used your products for 2 weeks and I don't see any changes. Do you have any suggestions on "how to have more effective skin?"

A: Thanks very much for your email. It takes 12 weeks to see results (and you must use the products twice a day, every day). When baby salmon are born, they release the enzyme (that anchors all Restorsea products). This enzyme is composed of two components:  a protein and an exfoliant.  The protein attaches itself to a specific area of the egg shell and acts as a marker/beacon for the exfoliant to digest. Once the exfoliant has completed digesting the area designated by the protein it turns itself off. This enables the baby salmon to swim out of the opening carved by the enzyme unharmed. When applied to skin, the enzyme works by digesting the dead skin cell wall.  In my case, at 52 years old, my dead skin cell wall was rather thick, so it took approximately 12 weeks for me to see full results. In your case, as you are much younger, I would think that you would start seeing results in 6-8 weeks.

So please keep using and continue to keep me apprised of your skin’s progress.






Photo courtesy Paul Nicklen