If you, like millions of others, find your hair to be stringy and unwashed just hours after washing it, you have oily hair. Here are some at home remedies for oily hair:

1. Shampoo often using shampoos specifically labeled for oily hair. Other shampoos sometimes have all sorts of additives, which can just make your hair even oilier.

2. Rinse, rinse, rinse. Make sure to get all the shampoo out! Residue can attract even more oil.

3. Don’t condition the scalp. Only use conditioners on the ends of hair

4. Don’t brush your hair too much!

5. Try rinsing your hair with alcohol, the higher the potency—the better. Mix a shot of alcohol with water and rinse through your hair. Then, rinse out with warm water.


You know you have dry hair when your hair looks exactly the same before and after the shower. It can be unruly and a real pain the neck. Here are some tips to improve it:

1. Don’t shampoo too often! When you do -- use an acidic shampoo.

2. Treat your hair with a little respect. Don’t tug at it in the shower. Be gentle.

3. Drown yourself in conditioner, preferably alcohol free.

4. Brush your hair less and do not brush when it’s wet (use a comb instead).

5. Go easy on your heavy heat machines and when you use them, always use a protective spray first. Also, remember to space out major hair treatments like dying and straightening.

Best of luck getting your hair back to fighting shape!



Photo courtesy of The Daily Frizz.