Q: Hi Patti - I'm wondering if you have ever had a case where the cream caused more puffiness under the eyes? I am 45 and never noticed bags under my eyes before but I feel like they are much more noticeable and puffy now. Has that been a side effect in some people? I'm still using the cream and I like it otherwise but am a little concerned.

A: I think the puffiness around your eyes is due to the improvement in blood circulation.  Restorsea Eye Cream contains hesperidin, a natural ingredient derived from citrus fruits, which improves circulation.  Improving circulation reduces the appearance of dark circles as they are caused by blood pooling around the delicate/thin eye area.

I would stop using the Eye Cream for a few days. Also, tonight, before you go to sleep, please apply the Eye Cream to the inner elbow area. This patch of skin most mimics the facial area.  Let me know if you see any reaction in the morning.  And please keep me apprised of your progress.






Photo courtesy Adam Gault