A few weeks ago, we had our first fireside Twitter Chat, hosted by Harvard Business School! For those who missed the chat, you can catch an archive at Storify.

Some key highlights below…

@HBSAlumni: Why did you start @Restorsea?
@pattipao1: Found the best ingredient since I discovered glyolic acid 25 years ago #hbsalumchat

@HBSAlumni: What have you enjoyed most about starting the company? 
@pattipao1: Realization of 25+ year journey. My biz partner calls me the Samurai Warrior

@HBSAlumni: what motivated you to take the "leap" into #Startup life? Was it something beyond finding the "best ingredient?”
@pattipao1: it was by accident. Hiking thru Norway, found ingredient, developed product, sold-in to @bergdorfs

@HBSAlumni: What do you know NOW that you wish you knew THEN about #StartupLife?
@pattipao1: NEVER assume your customer knows how to use your product

@HBSAlumni: What advice would you give students, alumni thinking of starting their own companies?
@pattipao1: Pursue something you have done 112X... Need to be extremely resilient and flexible

Read more…at Storify.

Photo courtesy ComunicaRSE